Network Traffic Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis

Vanishing perimeters, perimeter-based security strategies and signature-based technologies have left gaping holes in the security infrastructure. Industry analysts not only recognize the existence of these gaps but also specifically recommend Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) technologies, which analyze NetFlow data, to fill these gaps. By leveraging NetFlow to monitor host behaviors, NBA analysis technologies are ideal for detecting compromised hosts. This approach enables security and network operations teams to re-mediate an incident within minutes, preventing widespread, costly and potentially irreparable damage.

Because properly analyzed NetFlow captures host-based communications, it provides a watchful eye into user’s activity on the network. This visibility is not limited to internal users only, but includes analysis of external user activity, including customers, partners and consultants.

Changing network conditions, post-admissionnetwork monitoring, incident response and problem investigation all are issues that jeopardize network visibility and ultimately raise doubt as to who has control of the network. Through the utilization of NBA and NetFlow Analysis, security and network operations teams can recapture network visibility and regain control of the network.

Benefits of NetFlow Analysis Tools on your network:

  • Real-time monitoring of host behaviors and traffic analysis to identify
  • Mitigation via network infrastructure or integration with in-line devices
  • Unlimited monitoring of high speed networks at no extra cost
  • Archived audit trail of network IP communications
  • Extensive network performance reports including top talks, interface utilization, exporter tracking
  • User-identity aware
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Innovative technology deployed by early adopters

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